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There's More to Marketing than Just Social Media Posts: Check Out These 5 Different Strategies

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring helps you to decipher the results that you get from your marketing efforts. You can get critical analytics from this practice, and you will be able to identify the communications platforms that work best for you more easily. You can use social media with your media monitoring for better results as well, which proves that there's much more to marketing than just drafting and scheduling social media posts.

Public Relations from Offline Events

Some of the most substantial content that a company gets to put online comes from offline events. This content is sure to be original, which will keep it from being buried in the search engine results because it is a duplicate. Dynamic, authentic sites that include pictures and descriptions of offline events are sure to do better than sites that rely on input coming solely from social media posts.

Indirect Marketing, Otherwise Known as Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is one of the most important concepts that yo…