A Look Back on the Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time

The Super Bowl is one of the most significant television events of the year. So big, in fact, that twenty-five percent of the viewers are only watching for the commercials. Considering that a thirty-second slot goes for over five million dollars, it's critical marketers make the most of their thirty seconds. Below are four of the best Super Bowl ads.

1) Where's the Beef?

Where's the beef helped Wendy's reach new business heights. In this commercial, a woman who appears to be eighty years old continually complains about the small amount of meat in her hamburger, continually saying, "Where's the beef?". Everyone found the commercial hilarious, and it is seen today as a staple of the 1980's. It was so popular that the commercial was even mentioned in the presidential debate of the time.

2) Pepsi's You're Cheatin' Heart

This was another great ad in the Pepsi versus Coca-Cola saga. This particular ad dates back to 1996. The entire ad is security camera footage. There's no sound, except for "You're Cheatin' Heart," a mellow country song, playing in the background. A Coca-Cola deliveryman decides to take a Pepsi, and hundreds of cans fly out of the refrigerator. Pepsi's message? Nothing else is a Pepsi.

3) Career Builder's Monkeys

In the early 2000's, monkeys were a consistent theme in Super Bowl ads. For example, E-Trade used them to burst onto the scene in 2000.

More importantly, Career Builder used monkeys for their 2006 slot. The entire commercial is just a chaotic office of employees that are monkeys. Career Builder tapped into the thoughts of those who don't like their current work environment, claiming they have the newest opportunities for those looking for a career change.

4) Reebok and Terry Tate

This commercial is regarded as one of the best Super Bowl ads ever, no matter who's making the list.

In this ad, Terry Tate, the "office linebacker," simply terrorizes office employees who aren't being productive with punishing tackles. The ads were so popular, the actor who portrayed Terry Tate has taken on many roles since, and viewers would visit Reebok's website just to watch the commercials.

Whether it's using monkeys or playing off the mundane office environment, the most famous Super Bowl ads all took a unique approach to hooking the viewer and standing out among fierce competition.


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